Terms of Use

■Using the site

These terms shall apply in regards to use of DEN's website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") between customers and DEN Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").
Users shall agree to these terms, and in the case where they do not, use of this Site shall not be permitted.
In addition, the Company may modify these terms including all regulations at any time. Please periodically check for any modifications to these terms at your own responsibility. When a customer has used the Site after these terms have been modified, this shall be deemed as the customer having agreed to the modifications.

All text, images, graphics, voice files, animation files, video files, and their modifications on the Site shall be protected under copyright and other intellectual property rights. Commercial use, their reproduction for the purpose of distribution, modification, and reposting is prohibited. Copyrights for materials presented on the Site may also apply for its provider.

■Other conditions
Additional conditions may apply to certain portions and contents of the Site such as product purchases, promotions, and other similar contents. Additional conditions shall all be considered a part of these usage conditions. Customers agree to comply with such aforementioned conditions, and in the case where this applies, this shall also include indicating that you are of the legal age required for product purchases and the use and participation of contents. In the case where any inconsistencies occur between the conditions indicated by the Site or a certain part of services provided by the Site, or conditions which apply, the latter shall take precedence for the use of said part of the site or specific services.
The Company's obligations in relation to its products and services shall only comply with the agreement regarding their provision, and any contents of the Site shall also be construed as modifying the agreement. The Company may modify the products and services provided on the site or the prices of these products and services at any time without notification. While materials concerning products and services may at times not be up-to-date, the Company does not promise to update materials on the site regarding said products and services.

■Denial of warranty

Information on the Site is provided "as-is" and disclaims all warranties, whether implied or otherwise, within the maximum extent permitted by law, including but not limited to, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. While detailed care is taken for the accuracy of the information provided, errors or incorrect information may be included. All information provided on this Site is subject to modification without notification. The Company makes no warranty that files download from the Site or any other data does not contain viruses, infection, or harmful contents. The Company disclaims all warranties, where implied or otherwise, regarding accuracy, infringement of third party rights, marketability, and fitness for a particular purpose. The Company denies all responsibility concerning a customer's intentional or unintentional use of the Site and/or the Company's services. Customers shall bear all responsibility for the use of the Site and linked sites.

■Personal Information
The Company's policies concerning privacy shall apply to use of the Site. Provisions of the policies concerning privacy shall be deemed a part of these usage conditions. Use of the Site shall be considered to mean you have confirmed if your internet connection is completely lacking in confidentiality and safety and that you have offered your consent. The Site uses browser cookies in order to activate Party B's auto-login function and a portion of a customer's information is temporarily stored in cookies. The purpose of cookies is only to use them for a customer's function support. Registration of your email address and other Personal Information under these services shall be deemed as having given your consent to the Company using these for the purpose of providing these services.

■Governing law and agreed jurisdiction
The governing law for problems regarding use of the Site by a customer shall be the law of Japan and shall be construed and applied in accordance with the law of Japan.
It is agreed that any disputes that arise due to problems concerning use of the site by a customer shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

Enforced July 1st, 2020

Terms of Use
Terms of Use
Terms of Use
Terms of Use
Terms of Use
Terms of Use